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Westport Harbor Eelgrass Restoration

Town of Westport, Westport, MA

Land + Coastal was contracted to complete the eelgrass restoration plan as part of the Army Corps of Engineers Permit for maintenance dredging approximately 20,000 cubic yards of material from subtidal areas around the wharves and creek in Westport Harbor.  The Army Corps of Engineers required mitigation for the removal of 2,900 square feet of eelgrass (Zostera marina L.) which was part of two small plots measuring a total of .15 acres.

The project included monitoring of baseline conditions for water clarity and temperature, transplanting and post-planting monitoring.  For restoration of the dredged area, adult plants were collected relying on SCUBA from a donor seagrass bed to the west of the restoration site and replanted in the impacted site at a density of approximately 5 shoots per square foot.  Post-installation monitoring is being completed to measure the success of the transplant by taking an inventory of plants using transect lines across the planted site.

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